Artificial Maturity: Today is the Day!

Today is a milestone day for me and for Growing Leaders.

My newest hardback book, Artificial Maturity—Helping Kids Meet the Challenge of Becoming Authentic Adults, arrives in bookstores and on Amazon today. And…it will be on our site as well.  Let me tell you why I am so excited.

Two years ago, we released the book, Generation iY—Our Last Chance to Save Their Future. I cannot tell you how gratifying it is to talk to coaches, teachers, parents, youth pastors and employers who say the book was a “wake up call” for them as they lead young people. That was the purpose of the book: a wake up call.

Artificial Maturity is a book of solutions to the iY challenge. Every chapter diagnoses a reality in our students’ world, then furnishes a prescription to the diagnosis. Many of you are a part of this book, too. I crowd-sourced ideas from about 25,000 leaders and asked for the best ideas they’ve used as they developed their kids into healthy adults and leaders. I got so many responses I couldn’t even use them all. But every chapter includes at least three ideas from that exercise.

This book contains my passion for developing ordinary students into growing leaders who will transform society. It is “pracademic.” It is full of academic research, yet is practical in its treatment of that data. The book is a response to so many adults who’ve said to me: How do I balance all the noise, clutter and speed in my students’ life today…and stay sane? In this book I help readers:

  • Provide a balance of autonomy and responsibility for students.
  • Provide a balance of information and accountability for students.
  • Provide a balance of real experiences to accompany all the screen time.
  • Provide a balance of community-service with the self-absorption kids have.

My goal for this book is to enable you to mentor your students and enable them to turn potential into performance. I envision a generation of kids who will be equipped to become healthy, thriving, authentic adults…instead of artificial ones. I hope you enjoy it!

I realize that this is a serious topic but we created some humorous videos to illustrate artificial maturity in students’ lives. Today, we are releasing the first video. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Artificial Maturity

Artificial Maturity: Today is the Day!