Are Your Students Floundering or Flourishing?

I’ve been digging and found some sobering facts. First, there actually are job openings in America. Lots of them. As the economy gets back on its feet, the U.S. is seeing hundreds of thousands of jobs available for graduates to grab them.

Here’s the sobering part. Almost half of the employers surveyed failed to fill those vacancies last year because many university graduates lack basic communication and leadership skills. According to the Association of Graduate Recruiters, the number has climbed since 2005. Further, many positions weren’t taken because young adults said those jobs were “beneath them.” They didn’t want to start at the bottom of the career ladder. Yuk!

Are They Ready?

All of this begs the question: how are schools preparing grads for the marketplace?

More and more employers are telling me that these kids don’t fit for three reasons:

1.  They didn’t study in a field that is marketable.
2.  They don’t want to take a job below their perceived value.
3.  They don’t have basic soft skills in emotional intelligence or leadership.

Now, do you want to some good news?

At Growing Leaders, we’ve been developing tools that will address these shortfalls. Recently, we’ve created a resource called: “Flourish.” It’s all about enabling students to live the life they were meant to live. More and more students are fuzzy about this question:

What is my purpose?

Everyone seems to be talking about it.

There are countless books on the subject.

You can even attend events focused on this issue.

“Flourish” actually helps a student discover their purpose.

The “Flourish” experience enables high school and college students to:

  1. Discover their God-given purpose and write a life mission statement.
  2. Define their core-values and an action plan to live by them.
  3. Develop short and long-term action steps to turn potential into reality.

In today’s world, there are more options than ever for career fields. Most of them are very competitive. Give your students a decided advantage by taking them through this “Flourish” exercise, which includes:

  • A “Train the Trainer” Webinar for staff
  • An Assessment that enables them to reality test their passions.
  • A DVD series to equip them to discover their individual purpose.
  • A Workbook that enables them to discuss and live out their values.

Interested in helping your students flourish? Email Chloe Lufkin at: [email protected] or visit the Flourish website for more information.



Are Your Students Floundering or Flourishing?