America’s Most Inspiring Companies

Terry Barber is one of my dear friends. For years, he has worked in conjunction with Forbes magazine to research and publish America’s Most Inspiring Companies on an annual basis. He writes about this year’s findings below.


We are proud to announce that our research for 2013 America’s Most Inspiring Companies was recently published in Forbes Magazine.  If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the link to the article in Forbes.  The quotes from Coke’s CEO, Muhtar Kent, Starbuck’s CEO, Howard Schultz, and Whole Food’s CEO, Walter Robb on what it means to be among America’s Most Inspiring Companies are an exciting addition to this year’s article.  My favorite is from Howard Schultz who says “Purpose driven companies look through the eyes of humanity.”
  This year’s research revealed that 55% of consumers would spend more on a product or service with a company that inspires them.  In addition, we learned that 78% of consumers would remain loyal to that company while 81% said they have recommended their inspiring company to a friend. Respondents served up tens of thousands of words to describe their inspiring experiences with these companies.

If you are interested in a report by company, just let us know and we will be happy to work with you to create that report.  We can also facilitate an on site or web meeting with you and your team for a deeper dive into the findings. 

Check out these highlights:

  • Companies known for using profit and influence to make the world a better place:  Microsoft, Wholefoods, Target

  • Companies known for having the most inspired and passionate employees: Chick-fil-a, Disney, Southwest Airlines, Starbucks

  • Companies known for making consumers feel encouraged and empowered to achieve their goals:  Nike, REI, Coke

  • Companies known for big, innovative visions that make their vision a reality:  Apple, Google, Amazon


Motivation versus Inspiration! Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappo’s, is a fantastic champion of our research on the difference between motivation and inspiration.  Listen to this 3 minute interview with Tony.  Other insights on triggering inspiration to ignite performance and profit are available on our website and, of course, in Terry’s book, The Inspiration Factor.

Thank Terry for inspiring us, as leaders, to continue inspiring others.


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America’s Most Inspiring Companies