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How to Be a Mentor

Learning how to be a mentor to students, athletes or young professionals is a critical step in preparing today’s youth for the task of leading the next generation.

The Importance of Mentorship Training

In order for it to be effective, leadership development must be ongoing and organic, which is impossible without able mentors. That is why Growing Leaders provides innovative programs that, at their core, teach coaches, educators and employers how to become a mentor.

It’s no secret that today’s youth is different from any other generation that came before them, but the unique needs of Millennials and Generation Z are often overlooked when people talk about mentorship. Many would-be mentors feel as though they cannot connect with their student or young team members, despite a desire to invest themselves in their success. Our resources and programs help those interested in becoming a youth mentor bridge the gap between generations to form a life-giving relationship.

At the core of our trainings are these skills needed to be a successful mentor:

  • Commitment – A mentor-mentee relationship is only successful if both parties are willing to dedicate time and energy toward the mentee truly reaching their potential.
  • Communication – As with all relationships in life, effective communication is necessary for mentorship to be successful. Mentors should allow thoughtful questions to drive the discussions with their mentee, and be honest in their responses.
  • Focus – Mentorship is most successful when the mentor identifies key strengths in their mentee and when the mentee sets clear goals for themselves. This way both parties are able to focus on how the strengths of the mentee can help them achieve their potential.
  • Guidance – A life-giving mentor guides the mentee through their life change by exemplifying the values they wish to teach, by expecting the best in their mentee, and by supporting them while still allowing them to face consequences of their actions.

If you are interested in learning how to become a youth mentor, check out our mentorship training materials today.

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