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Leader Development System

Today, it isn’t enough to offer a one-time leadership training event or just a book to read. Leadership development must be ongoing and organic, flowing from the very culture of your campus or organization.


Our leader development system, Habitudes, is an image-based and conversation-focused system designed with the next generations in mind. No matter what stage of life your students or young team members find themselves in, Habitudes will equip you to help them get them ready for graduation, their career, or everyday life. Click to learn more about how the Habitudes system can help you.

Some of the Programs offered include:

Habitudes for Athletes

A unique leadership training program specifically geared for high school, college and professional athletes to prepare them for excellence in both their sport and life after school.

Habitudes First-Year Experience

Innovative curriculum to use in First Year Experience Programs for students.

Habitudes Leadership Survey Course

A three-credit college course based on the Habitudes series.