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The Future of Student Development


Marching off the Map: Pioneering New Territory to Meet the Needs of Students Today

Quick Summary

The Baby Boomers were the first generation who grew up with the one-eyed babysitter: the TV. Today, they are parents and teachers, and they’re now raising a generation of firsts—kids who are growing up with a portable device in their hands. How do we navigate this world that isn’t going away, but that is reducing the empathy, patience and emotional intelligence of our young people? This event provides a compass for leading a generation of “firsts” full of practical tips for marching into new territory while enabling our kids and students to embrace timeless values and soft skills.

Intended Outcomes

Your faculty and staff will learn:

  • How students’ brains are different today, since they’ve grown up with pixels and screens
  • What educators can do to increase attention spans in students and their grasps of major concepts
  • When creativity is most essential and what adults can do to engage students’ creativity
  • Where education is going and what kind of technology will teachers and leaders use in the future
  • What the critical elements are that we must furnish that best predict student success

Target Audience

This event is ideal for principals, superintendents, teachers, campus leaders, and youth directors.

For more information about bringing this event to your campus, contact Chloe Hull at (678) 384-4484 or email her at [email protected].