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Generation iY: Understanding & Connecting With Students Today

Generation iY is an insightful 90 minute, half-day or full-day conference which addresses the latest trends from Generation iY, (the latest batch of Generation Y) and how their style will impact the school campus as well as corporate America.

It is no longer accurate to refer to Generation Y as one collective generation. The Millennials born after 1990 are a whole new batch of students. They are being called Generation iY because their life is dominated by the iPhone, the iPod, iTunes, etc. They’ve been identified as the Digital Generation, Mosaics, Techies, Millennials and Screenagers. They are the talk of Human Resource professionals and newspaper journalists, they are the prize of their parents, and they are the market share every retailer covets. They are the kids born between 1990 and 2002 and are part of the largest generation in our history. The older you are, the more you’ll feel like an immigrant among natives with this new generation. They’ve shifted from our Gutenberg era into their own Google era. Their bias is for action and interaction. We have the privilege of shaping their future.

This conference turns research into reality, with principles & practical steps.


Generation iY covers issues such as:

  • Martians on Earth: How do their minds work? Why do they think the way they do?
  • Career Time: How do we help them move from backpack to briefcase?
  • How are they different from past generations and how will they rebel?
  • What’s the next wave of issues that will capture their imagination?
  • How can we help them cross from idealism to a realism?
  • Seizing the Day: How do we capitalize on their strengths & minimize the weaknesses?
  • The Joshua Problem: What’s the best way to equip them to become leaders?
  • EPIC Language: How can we make communication Experiential, Participatory, Image-driven & Connected?

This conference includes four major segments:

  • Understanding Generation iY
  • Connecting with Generation iY
  • Equipping and Empowering Generation iY
  • Unleashing Generation iY (Identifying their strengths and capitalizing on them)


  • Content can be customized to your team’s needs
  • Based on research, but full of practical case studies and stories
  • Furnishes practical ideas and solutions for the challenges you face
  • Led by Dr. Tim Elmore, President of Growing Leaders.

For more information, contact Chloe Hull at (678) 384-4484 or email her at [email protected]