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Zach Hunter

Zach Hunter is a speaker, author, host and leader who is most known for his efforts to lead new generation of activists to address the most serious problems facing the world today.


Zach is an emerging leader who is best known for his work mobilizing a new generation committed to social justice. Zach is the author of four books including Be the Change , a book about ending human trafficking and addressing other problems facing the world today.

Zach has spoken around the world and is a frequent guest in the media.

Zach does events for: 

  • College Students
  • Middle and High School Students

Topics Include:

  • Be the Change – How to mobilize students to take their place in history
  • Lose Your Cool – Discovering your passion
  • Chivalry – An epic journey to live with honor and integrity in an unjust world

Possible Format:

  • Keynote

Past Engagements:

  • The Dekko Foundation
  • Mary G. Montgomery High School
  • Jackson Preparatory School
  • Reeds Road Elementary

Travel Info:

Departing From:
Philadephia, PA