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Joseph Sojourner

Helping students see their potential and the value they add when they embrace their strengths

Joseph Sojourner #1

As a next generation leader and rap artist, Joseph brings an unprecedented energy to student events. His passion is to impact the lives of students by helping them see their potential and the value they can add when they embrace their strengths. Joseph masterfully ties his story to life lessons providing both humor and authenticity.

Joseph is the founder of Opposite Entertainment and also serves as the creative director and a communicator for BigStuf camps and the emcee of Catalyst Conferences.

Joseph does events for: 

  • University Students
  • Middle and High School Students

Topics Include:

  • Anti-Bullying: Build healthy relationships with peers
  • Habitudes: Life giving leadership development
  • Mentoring: How to invest your life in others

Possible Formats:

  • Keynote

Past Engagements:

  • Rome Middle School
  • BigStuf Camps
  • CHIC Conference
  • Catalyst West
  • Breakthru Conference
  • Camp Berea
  • Thirst Youth Convention
  • Drive Conference

Travel Info:

Departing From:
Atlanta, GA