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Dave Hart

Helping athletic leaders create student-centered culture.

Dave Hart

When people from within the athletics industry, including peers in athletics administration, coaches, television executives, NCAA staff, conference commissioners and post season football bowl directors, are asked to describe Dave Hart in one word, there is commonality in their responses. The words that are most used to best embody his sphere of influence nationally during his decorated career of nearly 35 years in college athletics administration are: Leader, Class, Core Values, Respect, Presence and Visionary.

As a former student-athlete, coach and athletics director, he has seen the industry evolve from all three perspectives. Dave served in a leadership position within the athletics department of four major universities: East Carolina University, Director of Athletics; Florida State University, Director of Athletics; University of Alabama, Executive Director of Athletics; and most recently as the University of Tennessee, Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics. Dave is currently the Founder and President of Athletics Legacy Partners where he focuses on helping others in the world of collegiate athletics develop student-athlete centered programs.

Hart does events for:

  • Athletic Coaches and Staff

Topics Include:

  • Student-Centered Leadership
  • Developing Winning Cultures
  • Organizational Core Values

Possible Formats:

  • Keynote
  • Panel

Travel Info:

Departing From:
Knoxville, TN

Past Engagements:

  • Texas Tech University


Dave Hart brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that is well-earned through a spectacular 35 year career on campus. Dave's insights on organizational behavior, leadership, motivation and national influence will be truly impactful for any institution.

Bob Bowlsby

Big 12 Conference Commissioner

I really enjoyed working closely with Dave Hart during the three years he and Pam were with us at the University of Alabama. He did a great job in his role here as our Executive Director of Athletics. Dave is a very highly thought of administrator, leader and person in the field of college athletics. I certainly share in that respect for Dave and know what a positive impact he can have on the people he works with in any organization.

Nick Saban

Head Football Coach, University of Alabama

Dave has had an outstanding career in athletic administration and certainly knows the ins and outs of the business. He will be a tremendous resource and provide great insight and advice on any topic that might come across your desk. He will add significant value to any strategic team.

Jeremy Foley

Former Athletics Director, University of Florida

Dave has a wealth of experience in intercollegiate athletics. He has held leadership positions on various levels throughout his career and gained valuable insight that he is ready to share to help others have successful careers.

Judy Rose

Director of Athletics, University of North Carolina Charlotte

Over the past three decades, I believe Dave Hart has established himself as one of the top 5 Athletics Directors who always kept the focus on the true purpose of serving and preparing student athletes as they pursue the extraordinary goals they set. For him to utilize these experiences as a former student athlete, coach and leader to help positively invest in the lives of others is very exciting and valuable. He will provide important perspectives to those seeking to strengthen their effectiveness guiding people and programs they serve.

Joe Castiglione

Director of Athletics, University of Oklahoma