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Billy Boughey

President and CEO of Elevate Live Events

Billy is a highly creative and energetic communicator that has a passion to equip students to take their leadership to the next level. His experience includes speaking, hosting, and producing events for many notable organizations like Coca-Cola, Chick-fil-A, Yamaha, Reebok and Delta. Billy’s communication style is known to transform events into an experience that students will not soon forget.

Billy played baseball on the collegiate level at Middle Georgia, Auburn University and Georgia State University, and later, professionally with the Philadelphia Phillies. He has had the honor speak with professional and collegiate athletic departments across the country to help their student-athletes grow in their leadership and character on and off the field.

Values that Billy wants to be known for are initiative, remark-ability, enthusiasm and bravery. His first book is in the works and will equip communicators to share their topics with passion, excellence and relevance.

Billy and his wife Jenn have three children all under the age of three and live just north of Atlanta, GA.

Speaking Topics

Timeless Leadership Principles: Habitudes Experience

Sociologists tell us the most introverted of people will influence 10,000 others in an average lifetime. So how do you influence others? Do you even think about it?  Do you make a positive difference in your world? How do you intentionally add value to the people in your life?

In this session we will discuss a collection of leadership principles and images called Habitudes.  Habitudes teach timeless leadership principles through the power of an image, a conversation and an experience. Help students capitalize on strengths to be career-ready upon graduation.

Based on Growing Leaders’ curriculum, Habitudes: Images That Form Leadership Habits & Attitudes.

LifeGiving Mentors

In this session, we will examine what it means to move from merely being a director to being a mentor—a life giving mentor—for your leaders and employees. How do you form bridges of relationship that can bear the weight of truth? If we are to succeed at effectively training the next generation, we must master the art of developmental relationships, then provide the gifts that life-giving mentors give. We will close the session with some relevant Habitudes—which are images that form leadership habits and attitudes.

This workshop covers these issues:

  • How to select a mentor or mentee
  • How to launch a healthy, productive mentoring relationship
  • How to prevent a failing mentoring relationship
  • How to foster life-change
  • How to create a pool of potential mentors and mentees in an organization
  • How to incarnate the qualities of an effective mentor
  • How to ask questions rather than give answers (inductive vs. deductive mentoring styles)
  • How to overcome the four biggest challenges to mentoring success
  • How to multiply mentoring leaders

Learn the art of mentoring relationships with practical steps to influence and invest in others. Based on Tim Elmore’s book, Life Giving Mentors: A Guide to Investing Your Life in Others.