A Test of Character and Detail

Each week, through the remaining portion of the year, I plan to blog on some of the great ideas I received from you—the readers—on how parents, teachers, coaches and youth workers can help mature their young people into great adults. 

Jeff Nichols sent this story in about something his mom did with him as a boy.

“Years ago, my mom, without my knowledge, went to a store and told the manager that she would bring me in later that afternoon. The manager was instructed to give me the wrong amount of change (too much) after paying for an item. She wanted to see whether I would notice the details, (that I was given incorrect change) and then be honest enough to tell the manager. Luckily I passed the test, as I immediately counted the change and brought the error to his attention. It wasn’t until years later that I found out that my mom had done that”. 

I love the fact that Jeff’s mother was intentional about creating an experience from which both Jeff and she could evaluate his sense of honesty and his attention to detail.

Have you done anything with the students you lead to build character or leadership in them? Or, did an adult help you “grow up” when you were young? What did they do? 

Let me know.


A Test of Character and Detail