reader leadership lesson

A Leadership Lesson I Learned From Lebron James

reader leadership lesson

If you’ve kept up with the NBA, you know that the Oklahoma City Thunder are playing the Miami Heat. Sounds like a perfect storm to me.

Even if you don’t keep up with professional basketball—you likely know the name Lebron James. He is the most celebrated basketball player in the world right now. His shooting, his defense, his quickness and his domination on the court are often intimidating. But I learned a lesson from this from athlete who has “arrived” and needs nothing else in life to retire comfortable.

He’s reading.

Yep. This kid who got drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers right out of high school is reading books again. Lots of them. The Tipping Point. War and Peace. The Hunger Games. In fact, he’s passing the entire Hunger Games series around his team’s clubhouse. Who knows—we may see a book club emerge. He recently said to ESPN, “I haven’t read this much since high school.”

But why is he doing this now?  Here are some of the reasons he listed:

1. He wants to keep growing. He realized if you stop growing, you stop winning. He wants to be a well-read person today…and when he leaves the game.

2. It keeps his mind off of the distractions all around him now, in the playoffs. So much noise and clutter around him could prevent him from staying poised.

3. It allows him to not be tempted to watch TV or go on the internet and hear what others are saying. He’ll read up to an hour before tipoff, just to keep his mind still.

Hmmm. Sounds like good wisdom to me.  Whether you are an athlete or a coach, a student or a teacher, a parent or a child—I think these reasons are good reasons for us to be reading too. What’s the term we keep hearing? Life-ling learners.

Do you have a plan for your own reading time? Your own personal growth?

May I offer one to you?

We are launching a new website for Leadership 2 Go. This is a monthly growth site for people who are leading the next generation. It comes complete with video lessons, book suggestions, note-taking guides, discussion questions and assessments. I’d love to invest in you—and keep you growing.

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A Leadership Lesson I Learned From Lebron James