A Generation of Paradox

I had the privilege of doing a webinar this afternoon for a great group of youth workers in Alaska. Part of our discussion was on the fact that today’s students represent a generation of paradox. Although many of them are advanced biologically, cognitively, and socially, they are often stunted in their emotional growth.

Here are seven observations I’ve made:

Paradox One:  They are sheltered… yet pressured.
Paradox Two:  They are self-absorbed… yet generous.
Paradox Three:  They are social… yet isolated by technology.
Paradox Four:  They are adventuresome… yet protected.
Paradox Five:  They are team oriented… yet diverse.
Paradox Six:  They are visionary… yet vascillating.
Paradox Seven:  Their orientation is high-achievement… yet they are also high maintenance.

More than ever, this generation of emerging leaders need adults who will offer guidance and mentoring.

You can also check out a CD resource our team at Growing Leaders has created entitled: Generation iY CD set (click here for more info) to drill down on this topic even more.

What about you? What unique characteristics have you noticed about Generation Y?


A Generation of Paradox