A First Year Experience…

I just finished speaking at a conference in Orlando. The event is called: “First Year Experience.” It’s attended by deans and directors who program for first year students at universities across the country. This was my second year experience at the First Year Experience event. :o)

In my session, I suggested something that launched a little discussion. I reminded attendees that adolescents mature in four basic areas: biological, cognitive, social and emotional. My experience shows that students are advanced in the first three areas, but are behind in the fourth. They are maturing  biologically (and reaching puberty) faster than kids did twenty years ago. They grow cognitively faster as well, digesting more information by their teen years than ever before. In addition, they are advanced socially, accumulating more friends faster than ever before, due to technology. Unfortunately, that’s where the excellence ends.
Sadly, so many students today, perhaps the majority, are emotionally delayed. Their emotional intelligence is low, their self-awareness is lacking, and so many struggle making wise choices. Their emotions fog their thinking. Their low EQ sabotages their IQ.  Most of them return home after college. I believe the greatest need for growth in Generation Y is emotional intelligence.
What’s your experience? What do you think?

A First Year Experience...