A Few More Ideas on Equipping Generation iY

All week, I have blogged a list of ideas we can use to guide Generation Y out of adolescence and into adulthood; out of an existence that surrounds “me” and into one that surrounds the needs of others. This is what growing up (maturity) is all about. Let me offer a couple more ideas below to close the list.

9. Resource them with your network.
Their dreams will require your assets. We can accelerate their growth with the networks we’ve established. If nothing else, this meets a special need for them to nurture good people skills. They love community, but they often lack relational maturity. More so, however, it will begin to connect them beyond the limited world of their peers. Remember, this generation doesn’t need you for information (they can get that without you), but for interpretation. They need mentors to help them makes sense of the information and the world around them.

10. Challenge them to take their place in history.
We need them to make a contribution to their community and to the world at large. Give them a sense of destiny. Talk to them about past heroes (historical mentors), especially ones from the elder generation. They long for mentors who are genuine and accessible. Based on assessments we’ve done at Growing Leaders, mentoring communities are the preferred way they want to learn. As I’ve mentioned already, they don’t want a sage on the stage, but a guide on the side. They want a hero they can talk to. Know anyone who could fill this role?

OK… Even if you normally don’t respond to blog posts — please start now. What are your ideas? How will you help your students grow up, not just grow older?


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A Few More Ideas on Equipping Generation iY