A CRASH Course in Communication

I have been writing for months on how we must learn to better connect with and communicate to the next generation of students. May I share direct quotes from kids who we asked to comment on their teacher, youth pastor, coach or employer:

  • “He’s lame. He thinks he’s teaching but most of us are Facebooking in class.”
  • “All my coach does is yell—which is a total turn off. It doesn’t motivate us.”
  • “Could you please tell my teacher to not use her ‘sleepy voice’ in class.”
  • “I wish my supervisor was real and clear when he spoke to us. None of us on the team respect him.”

When speaking to students, adults must remember this CRASH course in communication. If your audience describes you this way—you will get through:

C – Clear – You must clarify the subject and action steps you desire.

R – Relevant – You must explain how the topic pertains to their lives.

A – Authentic – You must be genuine. The only thing worse than uncool is unreal.

S – Simple – You must summarize your ideas into the simplest form.

H – Helpful – You must ensure that your subject actually adds value to them.

This is the guideline I use when I speak to young people. They are a handful of the ideas in our brand new book called, “Habitudes For Communicators.” Habitudes are images that form leadership habits and attitudes. This unique book exposes you to images that represent timeless principles on communicating. You’ll learn from:

  • Windows and Mirrors
  • The #3 Pencil
  • House on Fire
  • Facebook or TV
  • The Skinny Chef

Tomorrow, January 18th, is the official release date for this new book. For more information or to order your copy now, just CLICK HERE.

Now, go try that CRASH course out those you lead!

A CRASH Course in Communication