Youth sports is one of the most hotly debated topics among educators and parents today. Is sports good for kids? Is sports harmful to kids? I spoke to a mom recently who argued she will not let her son participate in organized sports leagues because of the amount of injuries and because “parents today are off the charts.” By this she

This past month, even more protestors got arrested by Hong Kong police. You likely saw the story on the news. But do you understand what’s really going on? Technically, Hong Kong belongs to China but is under an agreement called “One Country, Two Systems.” Mainland China is very authoritarian. Hong Kong is a semi-autonomous region and is supposed to enjoy democratic

We not only just finished another year—we just completed another decade. Some of the “firsts” that happened over the last decade are remarkable: The first non-political candidate won the presidency — Donald Trump. Facebook became more valuable than AT&T, General Electric, and Citigroup combined. Same-sex marriage became legal. American unemployment fell to 3.5%. Disney bought three more huge entertainment companies.

This may sound strange—but I love the fact that we’re talking about mental health issues today. While I hate that millions of teenage students struggle with such issues, at least we’re finally addressing them, rather than hiding from them, and beginning to take action against anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and other disorders. Nearly everyone on planet earth experiences some anxiety. Luna Greenstein,

I love celebrating, and I love sports. So I naturally enjoy celebrating a great performance from a team after a win. As a fan, I get to vicariously live through those young athletes on the field, the court, or in the pool. Everyone feels good as they celebrate a victory for their team. Over my lifetime, however, referees and umpires have

The Associated Press recently reviewed, data from more than three dozen public universities and discovered what I’ve suspected for years. The number of students seeking treatment for mental health problems has almost doubled in the past five years, while overall enrollment has stayed about the same. Did you catch that? The students seeking help has nearly doubled. Some educators explain the increase by