Last fall, ESPN ran a very funny piece on how NCAA football coaches did not understand the slang terms of their players. From Nick Saban to Tom Allen, coaches admitted that the terminology their youth athletes used to communicate was a little like a foreign language to them. Sometimes they said it felt like they needed a translator to explain

When speaking to high school students recently, I commented on the rising number of teens who experience high levels of stress and anxiety in our culture today. One very sharp senior raised her hand and said, “Wow!  I knew I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, but I didn’t know so many other students do as well.” This is a picture

Hilariously, everyone I meet across the nation has heard of FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out. Fewer have heard of the other fears students say they have today: FOLO: Fear of Living Off-line. FOMU: Fear of Messing Up. FOJO: Fear of Judgment On-line. FOMIRL: Fear of Meeting in Real Life. All of these fears have apparently surfaced because of our 24/7 connection

Growing Leaders recently hosted a RoundTable for Principals in Atlanta. It was a joy to hear from best-selling author Dan Pink, authors Will Parker and DeeAnn Turner and an educational panel made up of Julie Diaz, Gary Davison and Dorothy Jerrett. One of my favorite learning moments, however, occurred during a break. Renee Hood approached me to talk. Renee serves as high