The latest research on young people, those 20 and younger, reveals some insights into the mindset of teenagers. One that may surprise you—while teens today love to engage with social media—they love their privacy too. Even more than you do. One of the top ten patterns spotted in the Social Media Trends 2018 Report is vividly illustrated by all the aliases

So how do you know if your teen is experiencing genuine symptoms of anxiety or depression, or if they’re simply, well…uh…a teenager. Adolescents have always shown symptoms of moodiness because of the hormone changes taking place, due to the life station they’re in. They can be emotional, withdrawn or even act out. Often, these are just signs of the times.

I spent two days recently at Indiana University. It was there I met Tim Hiller, who drove down from Michigan to join us. Tim played quarterback for Western Michigan University a decade ago and then played a year in the NFL with the Indianapolis Colts. Our conversation was rich as we talked about the coaching styles of the past and

I’m sure you know someone who started their career with minimal resources and over the years, accumulated wealth. Author Malcolm Gladwell writes about an immigrant who now lives in Southern California. He came to the United States with almost nothing in his pocket and worked hard enough to become one of the most powerful men in Hollywood. When he spoke to

I know high school and college educators who penalized students for participating in the “walkout” on March 14th. I also have teacher-friends who walked out with those students and then discussed the implications of such protests and demonstrations in a civics class. Both of these educators have reasons for their choices. Some gave suspensions or detentions to high school students,

Helmets. Knee pads. Harnesses. Car Seats. Baby On Board signs in the back of the mini van. Diaper changing tables in the public restrooms. These are all signs of the times. And, for the most part, I believe they’re good signs; signals that adults have made children a priority. With these signs, however, there is an unintended consequence. Let me explain. Fifty

It’s stunning to remember what the world looked like fifteen years ago. It was in 2003, I launched “Growing Leaders”–a not-for-profit that partners with schools and organizations to resource them in building emerging leaders who are ready for life. Reflect on 2003. The Internet was only about 10 years old and some still wondered if it was a fad. Here is

While on a flight home from California, I watched the movie, “Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri.” It’s an award-winning film about a hurting woman who takes on the local police, who’ve failed to locate the criminal who’s assaulted and murdered her daughter. In the midst of the story, viewers discover why she’s really upset over the tragedy. On the

Did you know that today’s teen leaders and inventors are part of a long line of young entrepreneurs throughout history? Believe it or not, many of the world’s most incredible minds started displaying their brilliance very young, coming up with television, telephones and trampolines, as well as braille, calculators, popsicles and ear muffs—all before their 20th birthdays. So, how do we mentor such “out of the box” young people,

Even though they’re no longer a couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie both recently confirmed they put safety measures on the Internet to provide boundaries for their children. They definitely plan to keep watch on their social media use as their children age. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently suggested he wouldn’t want his nephew on a social network. Years ago, Apple