I recently met with my friend, Zach Thomas, to talk about his story. Not long ago, he released a book called, Leader Farming. He compares good leaders to farmers who constantly cultivate the people under their care as potential leaders. He reminded me that much of what he does he learned at West Point. You see, Zach is a graduate of the

Have you heard the terms, “Finsta” and “Rinsta?” They represent a fresh vocabulary for a new generation that wants more privacy on-line than previous generations: Finsta is a term for fake or friendly Instagram accounts. They allow a teen to have an unreal platform to post but not get caught up in real interaction. Rinsta is a term for real

Did you hear what head coach Steve Kerr decided to do a few weeks ago? I had not seen a professional coach do this in decades. His Golden State Warriors were struggling to win, and Kerr felt he was struggling to reach his young players. So, did he bear down on them? Did he get louder? Did he try some new

Even though they’re no longer a couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie both recently confirmed they put safety measures on the Internet to provide boundaries for their children. They definitely plan to keep watch on their social media use as they age. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently suggested he wouldn’t want his nephew on a social network. Years ago, Apple Founder

I recently returned from a leadership training event that included both students and staff/faculty at Texas Tech. This campus is full of incredibly smart individuals and high performing coaches and athletes. Like other universities, however, it’s a place of high pressure to make the grade, make the team and make the most of opportunities. It was while I was there I