Jack Easterby has a unique role on the New England Patriots Football team. “His official title: Character Coach/Team Development, is as surprising to see in an NFL front office as his role has become indispensable for the longest-running dynasty in NFL history,” writes Lorenzo Reyes in the USA Today. Yes, you read that right, Jack is a Character Coach for a

Technology has always impacted the way we do life, but I’m not sure if we recognize just how it’s changed us along the way. Whenever new gadgets or devices enter our daily life there is usually an upside and a downside. In the century following the Civil War, a handful of technologies revolutionized our existence. Consider some examples: The light

Today, we hear from Andrew McPeak. Andrew is a next gen researcher, speaker, and author for Growing Leaders.  A study released in Jan 2018 by Barna Research Group reveals that Generation Z is more emotionally affected by the perils of social media than other generations who are also online. Utilizing a quantitative survey of 1,490 nationally representative students—ages 13 to 18 across the US—researchers

Today, we hear from Andrew McPeak. Andrew is a next gen researcher, speaker, and author for Growing Leaders.  A recent article from the National Education Association explored the question of whether or not digital reading is equal to reading in print. Their findings were quite telling. “While digital reading ‘is part and parcel of living and learning in the 21st century,’ […] educators should still

Have you heard the news? A growing number of communities across the U.S. are now offering free college tuition to students. In reaction to rising higher education costs, as well as education budget cuts, 200 campus locations are providing some form of tuition-free community college education, hoping that the return on investment will boost their economies. If you’re counting, it’s

I’ve noticed a missing word in our vocabulary for a decade now. I rarely hear the word “moderation.” Instead, I see both students and adults becoming addicted to technology, including everyday devices like phones, tablets or video games. Believe it or not, students in our recent focus groups readily admitted to an addiction to both their phones and to social

What goes through your mind when you hear the word, “apprentice”? Outside of the reality TV show, Celebrity Apprentice, I instantly think about an old English blacksmith or a shoe cobbler who invites a young adult to shadow him, to learn the tricks of the trade and to eventually master it. Many industries throughout history practiced apprenticeships as the primary

In recent surveys done by the Barna Group, Americans of all ages are feeling a divide. While millions of us cannot agree on many issues today—we do seem to agree on one issue: the generations are colliding. Many of the colleges and high schools we partner with have four generations on campus: Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z.

The month of January is named after the Greek god, Janus, who had two heads: one that faced backwards and one that looked forward. It makes sense, doesn’t it? The beginning of our year is always an excellent time to reflect on the past year and set goals to hit in the upcoming year. But, sometimes I meet people who