Today I’m excited to share with you a conversation with William Parker. William Parker is the Executive Director of Oklahoma’s Association of Secondary and Middle Level Principals. He has been an educator since 1993 and he recently released his second book, Messaging Matters. Here are some highlights from our conversation. Tim Elmore: So many times we get in front of audiences

Last Thursday, most of us sat down to a nice, big turkey dinner, with all the fixings. We’ve done so for years; we call it Thanksgiving. Today—I’m suggesting that genuine leaders give thanks, but they give much more than thanks. They give back. Case in point. Several leaders here in the U.S. have enjoyed our Habitudes® program in their school, business, sports

Today, I have a simple reminder for you. Did you know that the virtue of gratitude may just have some very practical benefits for people who are weary and who are considering quitting their jobs? In the field of medicine, articles have been posted on the role of gratitude in enabling both doctors and nurses to continue in their professions—even when in

By 1996, college baseball coach, John Scolinos, had already become a legend. He was 78 years old that year, and he agreed to speak to 4,000 coaches at an ABCA convention in Nashville. It was an unforgettable scene. He shuffled up to the platform, looking strange. He wore a home plate, attached to a chain hung from his neck. Who does

I recently wrote an article to athletic coaches, attempting to help them navigate what to do when one or more of their players take a knee in protest during the national anthem. This is an issue that’s caught the attention of millions of football fans across the country, and some say the reason for many of them to boycott games.

Today, we hear from Andrew McPeak. Andrew is a next gen researcher, speaker, and author for Growing Leaders. Every year, thousands of songs are released which create a great opportunity to “take the temperature” of our culture. Popular songs are a particularly interesting medium for cultural analysis because they are the best representation of where we are in our current culture. Whereas most other

Two decades ago, the lives of millions of Americans were changed. Why? We bought a mobile phone. One decade ago, our lives were utterly transformed when millions of us bought a smart phone. It was a game changer. If you’re like most, you will consult your phone about 80 times a day, or almost 2,400 times a month, resulting in about