The report is in for last year’s grade point averages of American students. After reviewing it—I’d say it’s good news and bad news. The good news is, more high school students are getting A’s on their report card. The bad news is, students may not really be learning something. Why would I say that? According to a cover article in USA Today, “Recent

Recently, I had the privilege to sit down for several hours with Dave Hart, who just retired after 35 years in NCAA intercollegiate athletics. Dave is a friend who’s now in a marvelous place to reflect on what he’s learned as a former athlete, as a coach and later as an administrator for some great college programs, including East Carolina,

Sadly, it may just be a sign of the times. A shocking video was recently taken by a group of teens as they watched a man struggle and drown in a local pond. The body of Jamel Dunn was not found for five days. Apparently, it was entertaining. So instead of taking action, some students are more prone to take videos. The

In June of 2017, our organization, Growing Leaders, collaborated with Harris Poll to conduct a survey and discover the perspectives of various generations in the U.S. The survey looked at how different generations feel prepared for adult life; whether they had/have an adult mentor preparing them for adulthood; how overwhelmed they are by daily life and the role technology plays

Today, there are more generations working together than at any point in modern history, primarily because people are living and working longer than in the past. Recently, “Universum” surveyed three generations of current and future employees to study their needs, views, and competencies relating to workplace leadership. They analyzed responses by generation, gender and nation. The survey scope and period included over

For years, educators, employers and parents have told our young adults to build their personal brand. Now that folks can do this on-line, it’s become the pursuit of millions of 20-something Millennials and teens from Generation Z. Every young person wants people to recognize and follow their “brand.” However, because our personal brand can be constructed through an inaccurate persona we

As a new school year launches, it dawned on me that first year students are about to enter an entirely new experience, and meet peers in a new environment for them. It’s decision time. During the first month of the fall semester, routines are established. It’s then that so many students default to making poor decisions, even stupid decisions, due to pressures