Do you know the current birth rate in America today? The U.S. fertility rate fell to the lowest point since record keeping started more than a century ago, according to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That’s almost unbelievable. In 1909, the government began keeping track of what's called the fertility rate. The general fertility rate is the number

An AP high school teacher recently said to me: “I’ve been asked to teach history, science and math over my career, but I don’t get the chance to teach the most important subject that will enable my students to succeed in life!” “What’s that?” I inquired. He frowned, and sighed, “Social emotional learning.” What Is Social Emotional Learning? It’s become a buzzword today, as

For me, baseball offers so many pictures of real life. It’s about thinking and timing; consistency and strategy. The game of baseball is about both strategy and luck . . . and of course, spotting and developing talent. And nobody knew how to do that more than Brooklyn Dodgers executive, Branch Rickey. Mr. Rickey is credited with inventing modern baseball. One

National Leadership Forum 2017 Racing Toward the Future as Y Shifts to Z Chrome. Vines. TBH. Likes. Snapchat. Memes. The world of Generation Z will evolve as they move from middle school to high school—to post-secondary education. Do you know how they think? Their vocabulary? Their values? Their vices and virtues? To teach them, we must earn their trust. And trust requires

One of my jobs is to work with new professionals, helping them on-board into the workforce. They are usually university graduates, tech grads, or college dropouts who didn’t see the point in finishing their degree. When I meet a dropout, they often don’t fit the stereotype you’d expect. They aren’t undisciplined, they don’t come across uneducated and they certainly don’t lack

I have written on the rising number of students who are narcissistic and those who suffer from NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder). Dr. Jean Twenge, author of The Narcissism Epidemic and a speaker at next year’s National Leadership Forum, unveils the signals of a growing population of students who are narcissistic: College students now endorse narcissistic personality traits. The words “I,

In our work with sports teams across the nation, we come across some stellar athletic departments every year; ones that model what leadership should look like. Case in point. Career readiness is now a focal point for educators, both in high school and college settings. Too often, students graduate ill-prepared for work. Even if they made good grades in class, they