Yesterday, I blogged about giving students permission to take initiative. They often fail to step out and assume responsibility because they’re afraid of failure or doing something their leaders won’t like. I have found that most students need me to give them permission to act in order to feel empowered. Today, I want to take it a step further. I believe untapped

Some years ago, Dr. Carol Dweck wrote a book called Mindset. It was based on her research at Columbia University, where she and her team discovered what was preventing students from really achieving their potential. This has special application for today's coaches, educators, employers, and parents. In a single phrase, it was a “fixed mindset” versus a “growth mindset.” We were privileged

Follow @TimElmore (The following post contains graphic language describing crude teen behavior.) I’ve been writing about Generation Z for some time now. They are the newest population of students measured today. And they are a different breed. Fifteen years ago, we began to hear about the Millennials. They were graduating high school and showing passion to change the world. They were engaging with

Follow @TimElmore Recently, I spoke at a conference for educators, in which I built the case for why we must prepare our students for the jobs they’ll be encountering once they graduate. During the Q&A time, one teacher asked me: “How does a teacher balance building life skills and employability skills in kids, while at the same time giving attention to

Follow @TimElmore Alicia Whittle was just named a Division I USTFCCCA All-Academic Individual as a track and field athlete at Kennesaw State University. She just finished a summer internship with us at Growing Leaders and is preparing for graduate school. In response, I asked her to write a short post on what she wished she had known before heading off to

Follow @TimElmore Well, you have to admit—Donald Trump has captured the imagination of millions of Americans. Not only has he entered the presidential race, he leads the polls among conservative voters in the U.S. As I travel and hear people talk about him, I find they either love him or hate him. (Perhaps that’s too strong of a term.) But he

Follow @TimElmore May I offer a simple reminder? Your students need you to lead them clearly and wisely. I believe doing this requires a balancing act. Armchair quarterbacks shout from the sidelines, but few get involved in the hard stuff of this balancing act. This is why good parents are harder to find today, as so many seem to have low

Follow @TimElmore This fall, one of the biggest companies in the world will terminate a practice that almost every employee dreads each year: the Annual Performance Review. Accenture CEO Pierre Nanterme says they have been quietly preparing for this “massive revolution” in its internal operations. It’s a big deal because his company, along with thousands of others, has been doing work this

Follow @TimElmore Several times a year, I try to reiterate a fundamental truth that we adults (parents, teachers, coaches, employers and youth workers) must pass on to our offspring and students. Among others, I’ve written on current news stories such as: A 22-year-old student who blew through the $90,000 her grandparents gave her for college on clothes and a trip to Europe. She

Follow @TimElmore You’ve probably read or heard the story that’s been circulating around the Internet this week. It surfaced on a national radio show called “The Bert Show.” It’s the story of Kim, a 22-year-old college student who blew through a $90,000 college fund set up by her grandparents—and now has no cash in the bank, with another year of school