Follow @TimElmore I recently spoke to a hitting coach for a professional baseball team. He told me how he’d tried to help a 19-year-old minor leaguer change his swing. After trying his suggestion three times, the player tossed down the bat saying, “It doesn’t work.” The hitting coach replied, “But you gave it just three swings.” “I know, and it doesn’t work,” retorted

Follow @TimElmore Yesterday, I posed a question about the skills we must build in today’s students, particularly as more apps are introduced into the market that eliminate our need to add, subtract, communicate verbally, or remember basic information. I blogged about PhotoMath, a new app that allows you to simply point your smart phone at a math problem and solve it.

Last week, America mourned yet another senseless tragedy—the hateful shooting and killing of nine individuals by a 21-year-old gunman at the Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Six women and three men died; four of them were pastors. I have to admit, I was shocked, then I grieved, and then I became angry… much like millions of other Americans were

Follow @TimElmore The claws are out over two parenting styles that are expanding in our world today. We see them in America, but they’re not limited to our country. Helicopter Parents and Snowplow parents are old news. These styles are a reaction to two decades of deficiencies in Baby Boomer parents. My guess is, you’ve heard of the Tiger Mom. She’s extremely

Follow @TimElmore Do you remember watching the television show Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? It was hosted by comedian Jeff Foxworthy and ran for three seasons between the spring of 2007 and the fall of 2009. Jeff told me after the first season that it was an absolute “hoot” to interact with both the adults and the kids on

Follow @TimElmore You’ve probably noticed the new breed of students today, who bring with them new and different issues we leaders must face. Research is beginning to show that today’s teens look at money, social media, gender issues, family and careers differently than twenty-somethings do. They’re much more “out of the box” than older Millennials, and not afraid to acknowledge their

Follow @TimElmore Recently, I was invited to speak to an audience of business executives on the subject of the next one hundred years. Specifically, what will the next two generations of kids look like as adults, and how will they navigate their society’s needs and challenges? I’d like to share with you a summary of the ideas I shared that day. I

Follow @TimElmore OK. Here’s a walk down memory lane. Do you remember when MySpace was the leading edge of social networking? How about when Walkmans were the leading edge of portable music? Do you remember the Palm Pilot or Blackberry? How about Prodigy or CompuServe or AOL? Each of these products or services was on the cutting edge at one time. There is

Follow @TimElmore Last year, the results of a Harris Poll were released on the subject of respect. In this first-of-its-kind survey, a Harris Poll asked 2,250 adults to compare their memories of "school dynamics" when they were students with today’s school dynamics. The percentage of respondents who agreed with the statement "students respect teachers" dropped from 79% to 31%. (Interestingly, the

Follow @TimElmore Today I'm excited to share with you a conversation I recently had with my good friend Zach Thomas. He is an accomplished leader who studied at West Point, served as a Ranger instructor, started his own business, and now leads young people at a Chick-fil-A. We discussed a new approach to leadership called freedom leading and I wanted to share his insights

Follow @TimElmore Over the last few years, I’ve heard both parents and teachers complain about kids needing to be “spoon fed” the answers. Students often whine when we can’t get them a specific example of how a good paper or report should look, or the effort a science project should require, or even how a clean bedroom should appear. But the