Follow @TimElmore Years ago, legendary basketball coach John Wooden told people that he didn’t see himself as a coach as much as a teacher. He referred to himself as an educator, and the game of basketball was merely a platform to instruct his athletes about winning in life. He succeeded profoundly. Reflect for a minute on your answer to this question: Are

Follow @TimElmore For almost twenty years now, I have focused exclusively on developing young leaders—in schools, athletic teams, clubs, churches and organizations. In 2003, I launched Growing Leaders, an organization that would be about this single mission. Since that time, we’ve created a system to develop young leaders called Habitudes: Images That Form Leadership Habits and Attitudes. It’s been a rewarding

Follow @TimElmore We’ve all been reading about Millennials (or Generation Y) for fifteen years. As they graduate school and enter their careers, they’re bringing a new set of expectations with them. Their idea of a “work day” often looks different than their Baby Boomer boss’. As I interact with established employers, coaches, educators and leaders, I find they fall into one

Follow @TimElmore Yesterday, I posed a question on whether a loaded childhood—chalk full of activities, high stress, and low margins—actually delays healthy adulthood. In other words, if a kid never gets to be a kid when they’re young, they’ll want to be one in their twenties or thirties. I’ve seen it far too many times. Today, I want to share some research

Follow @TimElmore You probably remember the story of pop star Michael Jackson, beloved by millions of fans (including me). For all of the talent he possessed and success he achieved, his story is somewhat tragic. From a young age, Michael and his brothers were full-time employees for the Jackson Five, being employed by their father to practice and perform at a

Follow @TimElmore Last Friday, we took our Growing Leaders team to Leadercast, a simulcast event broadcast live to over 100,000 leaders worldwide. The lineup was spectacular — each speaker focused on one element of bravery and its role in effective leadership. From Seth Godin to Peyton Manning to Rudy Giuliani, the day was filled with powerful yet personal ideas on courageous

Follow @TimElmore Uncertainty. No one likes it… but every one of us faces it at one point or another. I believe it’s in times of uncertainty and trouble that leaders earn their keep. The two largest temptations leaders face in times of turbulence and uncertainty surround two paramount elements team members need from them: Their Communication Their Consistency. When situations are uncertain, our human tendency

Follow @TimElmore Taylor just blurted it out: “I don’t want to work full-time for anybody!” “What? Seriously?” I asked. “Yeah,” he said with deep resolve in his voice. “I don’t see myself doing what my dad did for decades. Work in one place, grinding out the work, full-time with no sense of having a life.” He paused and looked at me, saying, “And

Follow @TimElmore I’m excited to share with you a recent conversation I had with Dr. Amber Strain, the Senior Director of Cognitive Science at Decooda. Amber is an accomplished research scientist who has expertise in cognitive and experimental psychology. She received a Masters Degree in Experimental Psychology from the University of Memphis, and a Ph.D. from the same university with a

Follow @TimElmore I’ve noticed a subtle pattern in college and high school students. I wonder if you’ve seen it too. Over the past year, I’ve marveled at what kids find humorous. At times, I’m startled at the misfortunes — even “fails” — that kids watch on YouTube and find funny. Recently, I formed an informal focus group of twenty-year olds and