Follow @TimElmore I know, I know. You’ve already been burned, haven’t you? Although there are millions of sharp, savvy, intelligent young graduates out there, you found the cocky, entitled, lazy ones who came to you for a job interview. They ask about vacation time in the first interview; they inquire about inappropriate personal topics, they check their cell phone during the

Click Here to Listen Recently I had the great privilege to talk with Andy Lorenzen, Senior Director, Organizational Effectiveness and Development for Chick-fil-A, and discuss the importance of leading the next generation and creating a culture they will respond to in the workplace. Here are a few notes from our discussion. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did. Your

I’m excited to share a guest blog from Jeff Henderson, one of our speakers at our 2015 National Leadership Forum. Jeff is the founder of PRIMED, a company created to teach presenters how to be primed and ready for their next presentation. He has worked with leaders in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors to hone their communication skills in a

Follow @TimElmore After listening to Michael elaborate on his painful year in 2014—which included spending time in rehab for alcohol, losing a job, fighting with three girlfriends, and incurring deeper debt for college—he looked at me and mused, “Life is hard.” He’s right, you know, and for tens of millions of young adults from Generation iY (those born since 1990), they’re struggling

Recently, I posted a blog, encouraging young professionals to not merely “rent” their new job but to own it. I talked about the difference between living in an apartment and owning a home. We often treat our home a bit better than we do an apartment—because it actually belongs to us. We own it. I got some friendly push back from

Follow @TimElmore Over the years, I’ve written about some “elephants in the room.” You know what I mean by this—topics that everyone is aware of but don’t want to bring up because they just aren’t politically correct. From damaging parenting styles, to poor teaching habits, to kids with low EQ… they’re all out there. And today, I have another one. Journalists Danielle Teller

Follow @TimElmore Yesterday, I blogged about how parenting has become a “religion” in America, where children have become the absolute centerpiece of the home and nothing negative can be said about them. Yep. Some time between our childhood and the moment we had children of our own, parenthood became a religion. As with many religions, complete, unthinking devotion is required from

Do you remember Sean Aiken? I wrote about him in my book Generation iY. He graduated from college and became a picture of this emerging generation’s longing for work they’re passionate about, and impatience for work they’re not sure about. He literally took a different job every week for an entire year. Yep, he did. In fact, he set up

Follow @TimElmore Craig graduated from high school as the valedictorian. He had earned a 4.0 grade point average, but why shouldn’t he? His dad was a doctor, and his mom was an accountant. He came from great stock, and everyone assumed he’d go on to earn multiple post-secondary degrees. In fact, most assumed he’d become a doctor like his father. So