Follow @TimElmore Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? A high school female continues to date abusive males. A college male hangs around friends who get him into trouble. Smart adolescents keep returning to the same old social groups that are going nowhere, that don’t push them to grow or mature. I think every teacher, coach, youth worker or parent has mourned a young person

Follow @TimElmore It’s hard to separate good leadership from clear vision. The two just go together. If you were building a house, your vision would be the blueprint. If you were shooting arrows, vision would be the target. If you were a soldier in a war, vision would be your plan of attack (it’s arguably more important than your weapon). Vision

Another batch of college graduates just finished their degrees this past December—and are now in a job hunt. Sadly, many have lost hope of actually launching a career right away. Millions of them are loaded with potential—but no one has equipped them to close the gap between potential and performance. So what can you do about that? Before I answer that

Follow @TimElmore I had an 18-year old student tell me last month that he had benefited greatly from our Habitudes® books and videos. But after discussing the original four book series, he had a question, “What are the attitudes and habits of leaders who last for the long haul? What do leaders do that enables them to finish well?” I felt our next 30 minute

Follow @TimElmore Five years ago, I read a book by two teenagers named Alex and Brett Harris. Maybe you read it too—it was called Do Hard Things. It challenged their peers to not settle into the lifestyle of a typical high school or college student, getting lost in selfies, video games, Facebook updates and narcissism. They gave credence to the idea

Wallace, an employer of hundreds of recent college graduates, startled me with a decision he recently made. He told me, “I’m no longer hiring fresh graduates out of college. I will either require them to have two years of work experience outside of school, or some type of experience in at least one other job. If that doesn’t work, I will

Follow @TimElmore Yesterday, I blogged about the traits you can spot in students—even at a young age—that can be predictors of future leadership qualities. I believe there are at least five of these early traits, and they spell the word PRIDE. A Different Kind of PRIDE I believe authentic leaders possess a different kind of pride. It constitutes a set of qualities in

Follow @TimElmore About this time of year, we hear predictions from everyone: gurus make their conjectures for the New Year; financial analysts forecast what the economy will do; and our friendly weathermen makes predictions about how harsh winter will be. These expectations are all based on studies of current realities that analysts believe will create trajectories. In other words, certain elements we