Follow @TimElmore I met a young lady who’s going through what her therapist calls a “quarter-life crisis.” Yep, you read that right. Not a mid-life crisis, but a quarter-life crisis. She’s twenty-five years old and seeing a counselor for depression and disillusionment. I write about her because she’s the fifth young adult I’ve met in the last six months who’s been

This time of year always brings surprises. I'm not speaking of the trees changing color or the crisp weather sneaking up on us in October; I'm talking about great teams getting upset. In both professional and college sports, we see upsets on a regular basis. Defined simply, an upset occurs when a more talented team loses to a less talented

Recently I had the honor and privilege to talk with Dr. Jean Twenge on the Growing Leaders podcast. She is is a widely published professor of psychology at San Diego State University, the author of Generation Me, and the co-author ofThe Narcissism Epidemic. Her research has been featured or quoted in Time, USA Today,New York Times, The Washington Post, and other major media. She has appeared on Today, Good

I just had a conversation with a twenty-eight-year-old about getting out to vote next month in the mid-term elections. He didn’t plan to make the effort, as he didn’t feel it made any difference. When I reminded him that he was the one kicking everyone’s butt to vote a decade ago, he mumbled, “That was then. This is now.” Not

Follow @TimElmore Here’s a question both high school and college students are wondering about. For that matter, so are their parents, who might end up paying for their student’s higher education degree. For educators, you likely think about this problem often. Put simply, the question goes something like this: Does our current system of courses and majors meet the needs of today’s

I am constantly asking the question: How can we help those in education really equip students for life? It’s actually the broader question of a yearlong exercise at Stanford University’s Hasso Plattner Institute of Design, also known as the May I remind you of our current reality within the field of education? Students, parents and employers are all asking if

Follow @TimElmore You’d think parents would have read and heard enough about “helicopters” and “snowplows” (parenting styles) by now that they would have backed off of their kids a little. But, alas, some are getting worse. I continue to hear of parents who move into the apartment with their freshman daughter, call the college president when their child has a squabble

Follow @TimElmore From time to time, I enjoy providing statistics on the emerging generation of young adults often called Millennials (or Generation iY). This demographic is proving to be different in several ways from previous young adult populations. We’ve demonstrated that the second half of this generation — those born since 1990 — is even different from the first half, born

Follow @TimElmore It’s not a new topic. Almost everyone I speak to agrees that American students in today’s middle class are just a tad bit spoiled. They act “entitled,” say school principals, faculty, deans and athletic coaches. In fact, the term “entitled” is the number one word employers use to describe recent graduates on the job. Step back and reflect for a