Happy Thanksgiving! Just a note to those who stay in touch with me, and our team at Growing Leaders. We believe one of the highest virtues we can impart to the next generation is an attitude of gratitude. To be thankful is vital because gratitude always brings with it: Perspective (as we see others have played a role in our lives) Hope (as we

I just read a story about a young student who decided to stop complaining about problems and start solving them. It all began when 11-year old Peyton Robertson watched Superstorm Sandy wreak havoc across the U.S. coastline. He was intrigued at how the sandbags weren’t efficient to stop the flooding. The sand couldn’t stop the water from penetrating. So what

I’ve been writing for years about the shift in parent-styles that’s taken place over the last few decades. Growing up today looks very different than it did when I was a kid. It began in the 1980s with the Tylenol scare, and photos of missing children on milk cartons. Since then we’ve watched reports of school accidents and shootings. This

As the NFL is figuring out how to deal with the issue of bullying in the Miami Dolphins locker room, a middle school football team in Michigan has a more profound understanding of the game that professionals may never reach. The Eagles football team, from Olivet Middle School in Olivet, Michigan, decided to run a play and deliberately not score, all

As students graduate from high school or college—they’re getting a later start in their career. In response, moms and dads are welcoming their kids back home, to help them experience a safe haven as they seek out a steady income. Many find jobs, but they don’t actually start careers—until eight years later. This has far-reaching impact on these young workers. Recent

A new study indicates that college athletes may be put at an increased risk for depression today, far more than earlier generations. The study, published by Sports Health was conducted at the Georgetown University Medical Center, revealed that depressions levels were twice as high in current athletes compared to former college athletes from years ago. Lead researcher, Daniel Merenstein, M.D., and

Carol S. Dweck, Ph. D., is one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of motivation and is the Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford University. Her book Mindset is based on the truly groundbreaking idea that achievement and success can come from our mindset. She has spoken to many adults (faculty, parents and coaches) on

May I share an observation with you? In my travels, I meet a variety of parents, educators, coaches and youth workers who lead kids differently. Often, one of two extremes occurs, depending on the students’ age. In their early years, it seems as if tens of thousands of parents and teachers “over-program” the children’s day, structuring it so tightly that

Let’s face it. Even the best teachers have students that don’t engage in class and fail. Even the best parents have children that don’t follow their example. Even the best coaches have young players that make poor decisions and disqualify themselves. According to nationwide research, when engaged parents see their kids are turning out poorly, the topic of arguments shifts from