When I talk with parents, teachers or youth workers about their frustrations, they often mention how difficult it is to engage students today. It takes a lot to “wow” them and get them interested. Further, it’s challenging to hold their attention and make them want to stay involved. I wonder, however, if the answer lies in what story we are living

I’ve been digging and found some sobering facts. First, there actually are job openings in America. Lots of them. As the economy gets back on its feet, the U.S. is seeing hundreds of thousands of jobs available for graduates to grab them. Here’s the sobering part. Almost half of the employers surveyed failed to fill those vacancies last year because many

I am always studying leadership and how people can bring out the best in others. I got to thinking recently—I think websites can teach us a lot about how it all works. Seth Godin uncovered a list of the top one hundred websites in the U.S. I found the list rather enlightening. After removing public companies and those that only do

I have been asking myself a question for years that I’d like to ask you. How much do you have to believe something before you talk to someone about it? Seriously.  That question is a great grid for determining how deeply you believe in an idea or a principle or a person. Pause for a moment and think about it. You would likely

What separates great organizations from good ones?  One answer to that question is: they make emotional connections with the people they serve. As I have conducted surveys with leaders this year, I have noticed the great leaders are the ones who go beyond transactions; they don’t merely sell a product or a service. They are into transformations—and the do this through

The numbers are out. Have you seen them? There are hundreds of thousands of job openings in various states across the nation. Due to a number of reasons, including an expanding technology industry and an exodus of immigrant workers in several states, employers continue to post openings for jobs to any who’ll take them…but many find no takers. Take Alabama for instance.

The day we live in is a paradox. We buy technology to make our lives easier and to provide us with more leisure time—but we live more hectic lives than ever. We long to stay socially connected, but we use technology that enables us to do it in isolation. For most students, they have more “friends” on Facebook than in real

A few weeks ago, I put out a request for readers to share stories of practical ways we can prepare students for adulthood. I was finishing up the manuscript for my new book, Artificial Maturity, and wanted to include real-life examples from people around the world. The response was absolutely overwhelming! I’m so thankful for everyone who took time to share

I’ve enjoyed reading the works of Daniel Goleman, the author of Social Intelligence and godfather of the field of Emotional Intelligence. He has a keen understanding of how people best connect and how relationships progress and dissolve. In a recent conference, Goleman said there’s a negativity bias to email – at the neural level. In other words, if an email’s

Yesterday, I posed a question: what do the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations and Yahoo! have in common?  My answer? They are fuzzy not focused. They both have unclear vision for those wondering what they are after. Today, I’d like to offer some practical steps for leaders who are trying to offer clear leadership to their organizations.  Let’s get down to brass

What do “Yahoo!” and “Occupy Wall Street” have in common? It may surprise you. For several weeks now, Wall Street protests have garnered attention, beginning in New York City, and later, in other locations across the nation. The protestors claim to represent 99% of the American population. Hmmm. It certainly is an eclectic group, but the last survey said only 43%

A few weeks ago, I put out a request for readers to share stories of practical ways we can prepare students for adulthood. I was finishing up the manuscript for my new book, Artifical Maturity, and wanted to include real-life examples from people around the world. The response was absolutely overwhelming! I’m so thankful for everyone who took time to share ideas. There were

A new report was just released by Cisco, worldwide. It focused on the social life of young adults, both college students (ages 18-23) and professionals under age thirty.The bottom line? Social life is becoming less about personal interaction and more about being connected to the Internet. In fact, according to the research, getting on the Internet is more important than friends or

The word “passion” is probably overused in our world today. We talk about our passion for football or ice cream or stamp collecting. I believe we all have a primary passion (even though it may change over time) that is issue-based and should motivate us to act. It has been wisely said, “One’s destiny is not determined by what he

Let’s do a quick review. So far, in the last 18 months, we’ve seen the following incidents among NCAA sports programs: *  Allegations of Cam Newton’s dad selling his son to the highest bidder *  One of football’s greatest coaches fired from Ohio State for dishonesty *  An imprisoned booster claiming he gave illicit benefits to Miami players *  Multiple cases of agent and

Have you kept up with the latest research on graduates, and how they’re doing in the workplace?  I just met with the executive staff of the Georgia Department of Education and we both are concerned. Somehow, regardless of how well we improve students’ math and reading scores—there is still a skill gap when they move from backpack to briefcase. This problem

I’ve had several conversations with students this fall about their “passions.” Most of them actually started as a conversation about their career, and the discussion went something like this: Me: What do you want to do with your life? Student: I plan to get a job, make my first million dollars by the time I am 35, then retire and go do

The Gallup Organization has reported that fewer than half of American workers believe they get to work each day in the area of their passion or strength. In short, most people endure their jobs and can hardly wait for the weekend. Many believe it’s silly to even think you CAN have a passion for your work. At Growing Leaders, we divide