Quick Note: I have just returned from a week in Singapore. I can't wait to share the lessons I learned on the blog next week. Today, I'm reposting one of my most popular posts from the last year. Enjoy! People ask me, almost every time I do a parenting event: what are the top three things you’ve done for your kids

Our Growing Leaders team has had the privilege of being in Singapore and Indonesia over the past five days.  Although I have traveled to Asia many times, it's always such an honor to come back and be in this part of the world.  We were grateful to be a part of a large conference for leaders and several other events

Today's blog is a portion of an interview with Tami Heim, Partner at the A Group and former President of Borders Books.We sat down to discuss gender differences in the workplace and had quite a discussion. In this clip, Tami discusses why good feedback is so important and gives some practical advice for giving great feedback.   The Difference Good Feedback Makes

My guess is—everyone reading this blog will use your phone today. But do you remember the story behind the invention of the telephone? In the 1870s, two inventors, Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell, both independently designed devices that could transmit speech electrically (the telephone). Both men rushed their respective designs to the patent office within hours of each other, but

This week I, and two team members from Growing Leaders, fly to Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. We will spend a week doing launch events with students, with business leaders and with church leaders in that part of the world. In my daily blogs, I will include some insights I am picking up as I interface with leaders in these nations. Growing

Yesterday, I began reviewing three hurdles students must jump in order to mature in a healthy way. Our cultures makes growing up hard, as kids are exposed to information far earlier than they are ready and get answers almost instantly. We looked at the hurdle of “speed” and how our fast-paced world disables them from developing patience. Today, let’s look

When I was in junior high, I ran on our track team. I specifically remember trying out for the 100 yard, low-hurdle competition. Wow. It was so much harder than the 100-yard dash. There were these barriers in the way that kept slowing me down, distracting me from getting to my goal. I eventually gave up and became a long-distance

I am blogging this week about the tragedy that surfaced last week in the Atlanta Public School system. The story has gone nationwide; in fact, I just did an interview with the Washington Post, where journalists are grieving the scandal—teachers and administrators changing the answer to students’ test scores in order to pass them through the system and get money

This week, I am unpacking the recent scandal that surfaced with Atlanta Public Schools. Administrators and faculty have been cheating on behalf of the students, changing their test scores so that school funding and teacher salaries would increase. It’s bad enough that adults would demonstrate such a poor model of ethics for their students. What’s worse is—those students were not

I guess you heard the news about Atlanta Public Schools. Forty-four out of fifty-six schools in the APS system were found to be cheating on standardized test scores, to ensure students passed and schools got remunerated. Pay is attached to student performance, so principals and teachers have incentive to make sure kids score well, even if they don’t really learn anything.

Most of us at our Growing Leaders office own an iPhone. Everyone in my family owns one. My youngest, Jonathan, purchased his with his own money. He rarely gets up in the morning without reaching for it. In many ways, it is his lifeline to the world. He is part of a generation I call “Generation iY” impacted by iPhones,

"Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom." -Albert Einstein Today, we celebrate Independence Day. I'm thankful for those who have sacrificed to build the United States of America and allow us to enjoy freedom. I hope you have an opportunity to celebrate with family and friends today. I'll return to my regular