Dr. Leonard Sweet said something years ago that is more true today than when he first said it. Due to the fast pace of change in our world, he suggested that the human population be divided into 2 segments: 1. Immigrants 2. Natives You either feel very much at home with new technology, the new way of working in teams, new language, nuances,

Have you ever noticed -- certain topics are never discussed at work? What’s funny is… nearly everyone’s thinking about them. They could be mammoth and problematic… but because they’re sensitive issues, people are afraid to talk about them. They are like a “hot potato.” Nobody wants to touch them or at least, hold them for very long. I do leadership training full time.

In light of the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, I thought I’d share a little thought that may come in handy for you if you lead anything -- your family, your team, your organization, your ministry, or yourself. We live in a day of complaints. We actually condition people in our culture to do so. We ask them to fill out comment

Yesterday, I shared the 4 tasks of a mentor. If you are investing your life in a student or anyone in the next generation -- these 4 tasks… 1. Expose 2. Explain 3. Exemplify 4. Evaluate …are the 4 primary tasks I believe mentors should practice. Today, I’d like to talk about the other side of the coin. How to receive from a mentor. I believe

I was privileged to be apart of the Leadership and Influence Summit 2010 earlier this month, and thought I would share the video I taped for them incase you were unable to watch when they aired it. They asked for me to talk about understanding Generation iY in the workplace, and to give you a glimpse into who they are.

Yesterday, I began a list of 12 characteristics of influential people. The list comes from the Roper Research, and is contained in a book called, The Influentials. I enjoyed it because they boil down the kinds of traits that attract others to follow. If you care about leveraging positive influence on others, this list may intrigue you. Here is Part

Just re-read a book I wanted to pass along to you. It’s called, The Influentials, by Ed Keller and Jon Berry. If you care about leveraging positive influence on others, you’ll enjoy their insights. In the book they document the type of person who carries great influence in America. Their research says that 1 in 10 people pretty much influence

From time-to-time, I reflect in my blog posts about leadership and parenting styles I see today. At times, the styles we choose (by default or design) are damaging. One kind I’ve seen recently is a style I’d call: “Commando Parent.” Have you seen them? Commando Parents They have been around for centuries and often are called “military parents.” Sometimes they attract that

Hey Readers, I have an important question for you. It’s about a new idea for the Leadership2Go subscription we’re offering next year. (Leadership2Go is an online mentoring community where leaders receive video training, reading assignments, discussion questions, robust notes, and an exercise. It’s like a leadership growth plan for the year.) Even if you don’t plan to participate, I hope you

Have you met parents before that seem to get confused about their role with their children? I’d like to introduce you to a style I call the “Groupie Parent” I am seeing around the country today. Have you seen these parents, too? They are everywhere. Groupie Parents Do you remember the term groupie? It’s usually been associated with rock stars. Groupies are

There’s something you should know about these young employees who are just now gracing your workplace. In many ways, the newest hires are not like Generation X or the Baby Boomers before them. They are Generation iY, who grew up in the “I” world, online. Their world has produced a set of expectations that leaders should recognize. Below is a