Howard Schultz, the founder and CEO of Starbucks, has a rule for all his potential employees. He will not hire anyone who doesn’t like coffee. It makes sense. Why would you want a team member selling something they don’t’ even buy themselves. To do a good job, you probably need to like the product. I have an idea. Why don’t we

I spent this past weekend with the staff, faculty and students at Stephen F. Austin State University in Texas. I was a bit tired going into my speaking events there as it came at the end of a very busy week. Immediately, I was refreshed. Let me tell you what impressed me most. Michael, the Director of Student Development told me

Remember listening to my “I Have an iY Challenge for You” blog post? If you missed it, please click here. I’m collecting stories of students who are serving and positively influencing their community and/or campus. I’m planning on posting these stories on a weekly basis to inspire the rest of us and of course, their generation. Here’s the story of

I have worked with students for thirty years. I distinctly remember when bullying became a topic of discussion across the American education landscape. It was around 1995, the same time social scientists began to measure bullying on the school campus. The issue of “no bullies” became vogue for a while. Then, for years, it seems like we didn’t hear about

Another critical movie was released over the weekend. It’s a movie I recommend everyone see -- especially if you care about kids and the future of American education. It’s called: “Waiting For Superman.” It's the documentary everyone's talking about. It tells a gripping story about the state of public school systems in America, told through the eyes of five hopeful students.

This year, I launched “Leadership2Go.” It’s an online leadership learning community for leaders everywhere who want to lead the next generation well. As I lay plans for 2011, I want to improve the experience. We’ll have even better video segments, teaching notes, book assignments, assessments, and a community to converse with along the way. I’d like you to participate in helping me

Recently, Oprah Winfrey hosted a special show, where she invited three guests to talk about the failing school system in our country. It was sparked by the movie that came out this past weekend (October 1st), “Waiting for Superman.” (More on that in another post.) The three guests were unlikely partners: 1. Chris Christie -- Republican Governor of New Jersey 2. Cory Booker

For the past few months, I have had the wonderful opportunity to serve as an intern at a non-profit organization called Growing Leaders. Created in 2003 by Dr. Tim Elmore, the mission of the company is to reach out to students by providing them with resources on how to be successful leaders. The most captivating part is that their definition