I am intrigued by this word below. It is word #5 that describes the world that adolescents are growing up in today. This word describes their world from early childhood onward. This blog post is one of a series of six. I’d like to hear what you think. Their world is programmed. Generation iY kids (born since 1990) are seldom required

Keeping students satisfied is not the same as helping them succeed Written by: Jerry Pattengale As I swished my long jump shot, the packed gym roared. Suddenly I was very alone. They were the wrong fans, and that was the wrong basket. There was nowhere to hide. In the celebrated Indiana state basketball tournament, I had earned legendary status in an instant, for all

There is one phenomenon occurring repeatedly in contemporary culture. We'll call it self-destructive leaders. People who hold weighty positions of authority, who got there because they were brilliant or experienced -- but later destroy themselves. In fact, we've all uttered the question at some point: How could such a smart person do such a dumb thing? It's leaders like Bernie Madoff,