I'm working from home today--but uncovered some research I wanted to post.For two years now, I've been investigating the mushrooming population of young people around the globe. Generation Y is already the largest generation in earth's history. In the U.S., they have surpassed the Baby Boomers in size, and with immigration (which is the wild card), they could grow

Just got off a plane in California for the holidays. During the flight, I watched a movie I had wanted to see for months. It was called: Post Graduate. It’s about a recent college graduate who’s navigating her way through the early months following her graduation into the real world. It’s a dilemma so many young adults are facing right

Next month Growing Leaders is launching a new mentoring community, in which I will be leading, called Leadership2Go. I am so excited to present my new material: Harry Truman was wrong, Bono was right. Check out our promo for more information, and visit www.leadership2go.com to sign-up for updates. Tim

I rarely do this, but I have to make an exception this time. Gary Chapman wrote a splendid book back in 1992 called, The Five Languages of Love. In it, he reminds readers that everyone of us speaks five languages that communicate love to others: Words of Affirmation Tangible Gifts Quality Time Deeds of Service Physical Touch He goes on to say that while we all