Whew! Just returned from a whirlwind week in Singapore. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to this beautiful nation—but it is unforgettable. Clean, colorful, manicured…and full of young leaders. The population is made up of mostly Chinese and Malaysian descent, with a million ex-patriots living among them. These people are hospitable and respectful and mix well with Western culture.

I rarely write about government and politics because it is such a divisive subject. Today, however, I am going out on a limb. I'm writing about political leadership. You should know, my goal is not to side with democrats or republicans. It is to comment on the leadership of our elected government officials. After watching the news today, I'm convinced the

It seems everywhere I go, I run into parents who ask how my wife and I pulled off the “Rite of Passage” for our son and daughter, when they turned thirteen years old. As you know, in many cultures worldwide, adolescents experience a ceremony when they turn twelve or thirteen years old. It is a sort of passage from childhood to