Last month, I hiked up Kennesaw Mountain with my seventeen-year old son, Jonathan. Although it’s only 45 minutes away from our house, we had never climbed this mountain before. It was a blast. We did it as a sort of special father/son time before he takes off for Hollywood to pursue some acting possibilities during the episodic season of

  One of the Habitudes I included in Book Three of our series is an image called: Duck Hunting. It illustrates one of the most important truths leaders must embrace. I want you to imagine something. Pretend you have a friend who just returned from a hunting trip. It was his very first duck hunt. He was excited when he left for

I just spent the last two days of my life with “The Cohort.” The Cohort is a mentoring community I launched this fall, made up of educational and business leaders from all over the country. Whether they are deans, or football coaches, headmasters or corporate executives—they all have something in common. They care about the next generation. While this is an