What a difference five years makes. When social scientists began assessing Generation Y (The Millennials born between 1984-2002), their prospects were bright. We began reading about them a decade ago, when authors Howe and Strauss touted their confident attitudes, self-esteem and optimism. Jobs were readily available as commerce was still booming for the most part. Today—not so much. Our nation is in

I met with my friend, Andy Stanley, last month to catch up on life. He mentioned a book he'd just finished called, "Losing My Religion." It was written by a Los Angeles Times journalist who had lost his faith in God. To summarize, he had begun a spiritual pilgrimage and in response, he wanted to research churches of every kind

This past weekend, I spoke to a great group of single adults on a cruise ship. We traveled to the Bahamas and back. It was a great time for some R and R.Every night on this ship (as on almost every other cruise liner) there is a meeting room where guests can sing at a Karaoke Bar. Yep, folks with