Stop and reflect for a minute. Think about the way you lead people. What’s your style? This past year, I have purposefully observed thousands of leaders do their thing, as I travel the road and speak in schools, companies and other organizations. I’ve drawn several conclusions—and some have proven to be helpful, fresh insights for me. Let me toss one of

I am asking a question more and more these days. I wonder if American’s have overlooked a counter-intuitive idea as we educate our kids. Generally, speaking, we believe that “more” is better. We believe that faster is better. We believe that sooner is better. We want to provide more for our children and we want to do it right away.

One of my favorite “Habitudes” is found in Book One of our series. It is called “Drivers and Passengers.” It’s simply a fresh way to communicate a growing issue in our culture today. Consider this. People get into a car with different perspectives, based on whether they are driving the car, or merely a passenger on the trip. If you are

This month, I feel like a politician on a campaign trail. I am doing a total of seventeen speaking events, locally and on the road—speaking to students, teachers, executives and administrators about leading the next generation. It is both exhilarating and exhausting. So far, I’ve done five events…and experienced two flight cancellations, three flight delays and several nights where

Energy. It’s a cool word. There’s lots of talk about it today. We buy energy drinks, we consume energy bars, we take special vitamins for an energy boost, we suffer from an energy crisis as we depend too heavily on foreign energy to fuel our cars. But leaders are aware of another kind of energy. It’s people-energy. Others can consume