Habitudes for Communicators™

Habitudes for Communicators™

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Learn how to effectively communicate with the next generation.

According to national surveys, Americans’ biggest fear is public speaking, surpassing fear of illness, flying, terrorism, and even death itself. It’s true. We fear it, but it’s a necessary element of our success. More robust than the other Habitudes, this new book is filled with sixteen communication principles and images, to be read, discussed and applied as a team. Each chapter contains discussion questions as well as personal application and practical suggestions for you to use to develop your communication.

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One of the greatest concerns for those who lead the next generation is simply this:

We think we are communicating with our young people… but we aren’t.

The images in this book revolve around engaging and communicating with the next generation. You’ll learn how to communicate effectively through images like Windows and Mirrors, #3 Pencil, House of Fire, the Faded Flag, School Yearbook and more.

In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Captivate even young audiences with your message
  • Walk listeners through the mental “seasons” of a presentation
  • Feel poised from start to finish during your delivery
  • Get your point across in a matter of minutes
  • Engage people at the heart level and foster life-change
  • Craft the stages of a message which will prepare listeners to act
  • Motivate listeners to “own” your message.

Habitudes for Communicators is ideal to use for discussion and training among:

  • School Faculty
  • Coaches and Athletic Staff
  • Business Executives and Leaders
  • Pastoral Staff
  • Communication and Leadership Classes for Students

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“It’s rare for me to read a book on presentations and learn something but I did in this book! Tim Elmore uses sticky metaphors that help you remember the concepts. This book is full of FRESH insights that I haven’t seen in any other presentation book, so it’s worth picking up!”

– Nancy Duarte, Author of Slide:ology and Resonate

“There is no better person to write this book for communicators than Tim Elmore. He is the most effective communicator I have ever known. Using compelling images and stories, Elmore offers simple yet profound wisdom for all of us with messages that we need to convey to others.”

– Mary Gerardy, Dean, Wake Forest University

“In Habitudes for Communicators, Tim Elmore takes on a subject that can scare even the strongest of communicators. He offers us an informative and incredibly innovative way of looking at how we communicate through the eyes of today’s youth. This is a must-read for anyone who not only works with young people but who desires to make an impact with the messages they communicate.”

– Kevin Roberts, Executive Director, Lanier Law Firm

“I could think of no better person to teach business professionals how to communicate with young employees than Tim Elmore. He has a unique ability to simplify ways to connect with young people. This book is Tim at his absolute best as a thinker, visionary, encourager and equipper.”

– Glen Jackson, Co-Founder and Principal, Jackson Spalding PR Firm


“Simple, timeless truth, if we are honest with ourselves, is what we hunger for – and Tim Elmore serves it to us again in this continuation of his Habitudes series.”

– Jon Jaudon, Associate Athletic Director, Virginia Tech

We created an assessment to be used before and after reading Habitudes for Communicators. In the beginning it will identify both your communication strengths and weaknesses. After completing the book it provides an objective measurement of your improvement.

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